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The Plan
So my dad finally met with the cardiac surgeon today. When I visited this afternoon, his assistant came in and went over everything with us. He'll be having bypass surgery Saturday morning. They're not sure how many- could be triple or quadruple bypass. Fortunately, he has excellent leg veins. Afterwards, they'll monitor his condition for the next five days or so. If he's doing well, he can come home, but his activity will be restricted. No driving for a month, for instance. If he's not doing well, he'll have to go to in hospital rehab. They said because has he no lung or kidney problems, he might have a much smoother recovery than others.

My sister is trying to book a flight in for tomorrow afternoon. If she can come, she'll stay through Monday or Tuesday. Then she'll go back home, and fly down again once Dad is home. It would be a tremendous help to have her here, I hope she can make it. I really need to learn to drive. I promised God that if he got Dad through all of this, I'd learn, panic attacks be damned

Thank you to everyone who has offered me such kindness and support. I really appreciate it.

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Hang in there, Andi! Hope the surgery goes smoothly. Both my parents had bypass surgery when they were older than your dad, and came through it just fine.

Oh, and Happy New Year! *hugs*

That's good to know. Thank you so much, and Happy new year to you as well. *hugs*

Sending good wishes to you and your dad!

Sound like your dad has a lot of things going for him. Hopefully he'll have an easy time of it. I'm glad your sister is going to come down.

He does have a lot going for him, but his heart is on really bad shape. He has an excellent surgeon though so I'm trying to be hopeful. It will be such a relief to have my sister here.

Happy new year to you and J.

So sorry this happened. The good news is they caught it and can do surgery. Better to catch it now before it's too late. I hope everything works out smoothly and as quick as possible. Sorry you and your dad have such a crappy new years. :(

Thanks, Heather. I'm just glad my sister will be here. Some way to end the year, isn't it?

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