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Still not home
Dad was all set to be released from the hospital yesterday when they decided it against it at the last minute. The internist was worried about a chest X-Ray result. Dad's been coughing a lot, and they were worried he was getting pneumonia. It's not pneumonia, yet, was the diagnosis. He has to spend 24 hours on IV antibiotics before he can come home. The doctor told him he'd be released tomorrow morning. My sister called and spoke to the nurse, who said it would be two days. So, I have no idea when he's coming home. Hopefully it will happen some time this weekend. He's getting irritated and upset at being there.

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Think of this way, feeling irritated and upset is a great sign of healing! And, personally, I'd much prefer they interrupt the pneumonia before he gets home as having to return to the hospital in much worse condition than when left wouldn't be any fun at all. Not to mention worrisome.

Glad to hear your dad is recovering (in spite of this complication) and very glad your sister is there and he has you two for daughters.


You're absolutely right. And he's just been cleared to leave, so that's good.

No doubt all of you are annoyed by the miscommunication by the hospital personnel. Glad he's on his way home, though.

Got hIm home about an hour ago. He's tired but really glad to be here.

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