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Medical Stuff
Dad's getting good reports from his cardiologist and his surgeon. Both are pleased with his progress. It's slow going. He can't get comfortable at night; I have to come in and adjust his pillows a bunch of times, because it's hard for him to change position. Getting out of bed takes him a half hour, he says. But his appetite is coming back, and he's in less pain, so that's good.

What was not good was my trip to the dentist today. Apparently a filling had somehow shifted a bit, and there was a space right by the gum line. My dentist had to actually cut into the gum to find the space and fill it. It came out well, but it's such a terrible spot that the filling might not take completely. If it doesn't, I'll need a root canal. Which will cost me $2000. Can you believe it? Over 1100 just for the root canal part, another 200 to rebuild the tooth, and 800 bucks for the crown. I can't get over that last one- $800 for one crown? I had a root canal about 10 years ago. It cost me $1100 total. Two years later, the post inside the tooth snapped, and I had to get the whole tooth pulled. If I had allowed them to pull the tooth in the first place, it would have been free. Unfortunately, this tooth now is much more prominent, so the gap would really show.

My dentist had a good idea, though. Dad and I are relying on car rides from relatives, since Dad can't drive for a month. She suggested I download Uber and Lyft, and I think it's a goof idea. The cab I had to take from my dentist to my dad's surgeon's office cost me $30.


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