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Dad Update
Dad's recovery has been going really well. He's got his strength and energy back, and he's midway through cardiac rehab, which is basically just monitored exercise. However, he's been diagnosed with the kidney stones and a hernia.

The kidney stones are already gone, but the hernia is going to cause problems. He gets terrible pain in his groin, which is actually his colon pushing through the hole. They generally do surgery to correct it, but that's not necessarily the ideal option. He just recently had open heart surgery, and he's on blood thinners. He has to make an appointment with a surgeon to discuss his options. It's always something, isn't it?

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Yes, it really is. :(

I'm sorry your dad is having all these troubles. Hugs to you, my dear, because I know all this isn't easy on you, either. ♥

Thanks, Roxy. It's really not easy at all. I don't think I'm made to be a caretaker. I get frustrated so easily, and I try to keep it buried, but Dad is not always grateful for how much I do for him, and then I start snapping. Is a thank you really too much too ask?

Well I'm glad he's recovering from the one surgery, but man the kidney stones sound awful. :( You guys really need to catch a break!

We desperately need to catch a break!

It's been a while. How are things going with you?

Glad to hear he's recovering well from the heart surgery, but the hernia thing is worrying. I'm glad you're there for him even if he doesn't always appreciate everything you do.

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