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Dad's hernia surgery went very well, though it sure got off to a slow start. We had to be there at 6:30, for an 8am operation. We were there at 6:10. They brought us back about 7:30. And then we waited and waited and waited...

Dad's surgeon finally showed up about a quarter after nine. He was wearing jeans and flip flops. He told us that there was tremendous flooding in Boca (where his office is), and it caused a delay. That's probably true, but the nurse told us he's habitually late, so I don't know how true.

Anyhow, they took him back and the surgery went like clockwork, 32 minutes start to finish. Until he woke up from the anesthesia and the doctor came to check him out, and wrote out a prescription for the right painkiller (as the first one he wrote was for the wrong painkiller), we didn't get home until 1:30, two and a half hours after they told us we would.

So far, Dad is feeling good. An ice pack is soothing the area, which will apparently turn purple like an eggplant (especially the scrotum, apparently). If the pain gets worse, he's taking that damn Vicodin, whether he likes it or not.

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Glad that the operation went well--I hope his recovery is speedy and uneventful! And of course, I'm thinking of you! *HUGS*

Thanks, sweetie. So far he's doing pretty good.

Never believe medical personnel when it comes to time. Glad your dad is doing well, and hopefully no more surgery for him!

Clearly. But Dad is doing really well, thank goodness.

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