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Good news, more or less
My sister finally left her asshole boyfriend. Along with his usual anger issues, he's taken up drinking. Combine that with all the prescription medicine he's one (for pain, anxiety, etc.), it's turned him even crazier. She finally said enough's enough, and moved out with the baby. She rented a U-Haul and a storage space, and with the help of my uncle and his family, got the hell out.

She's staying with her best friend Annette in Wantagh. She has a lot of space, so much so that my sister and Skylar each have their own room. She's going to look for an apartment or condo nearby, because it's an easy commute to work and daycare. I just hope the bastard will leave her alone. When I spoke to her on Sunday, she told me he had been calling her nonstop.

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Wait, wait. This isn't Skylar's father, is it? Do you have more than one sister? (It's awful having a terrible memory.)

Yes, he's Skylar's father. But my sister( my only sister) does all the work and pays for everything. He's a vicious bully, says terrible things to my sister. Skylar shouldn't grow up hearing her father say such horrible things to her mother.

I agree, Skylar doesn't need to grow up hearing horrible things said to her mother, and your sister deserves a guy who will be good to her and help support the family.

How does he feel about Skylar? If he cares about his daughter at all, he's not likely to go quietly.

My sis does everything for the baby. Everything. Pays for everything herself, too. Her ex holds her, plays with her, but that's it He forgot to pick her up at daycare the one time she asked him too.

He already has a 21 year old son he didn't raise (not that the mother raised him, either. The grandparents did all the work ). My concern is that he'll raise a stink because he wasn't to punish my sister for leaving.

That sounds like a distinct possibility. :-( Is your sister on good terms with his parents? Will they take her side if things get messy?

She's on very good terms with his parents, who actually live here in Florida. They know how volatile he's become- when my sis, her ex and the baby came down to visit last summer, he was picking vicious fights with her all the time. My father and I had drove down to see them and we saw it all.

The thing is, they love my sister, but he's their son. Although they had to raise their grandson, so they certainly know that he isn't much of a father.

Wow good for her! I'm so glad she has somewhere safe and comfortable to be for a bit. I like my own company but wouldn't it be fab to.have so much spare  room that you could easily put up your friends like that?

She has a huge support system, fortunately.

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