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Mostly good news!
star trek- mccoy by topazera
Mostly good, but starts with bad. My dad lost his iPhone 6 plus on Tuesday. He thinks he left it at the post office, but when he went back, it was gone. I tried calling a couple of times, but at first it just rang, and then went immediately to voicemail. We went to the Verizon store, where they told us iPhones like his are worth a lot of money. Whoever found the phone probably cleared out all the data and then sold it online. Dad was very upset.

Anyhow, it turns out he was due for an upgrade, so he got the new iPhone 6S plus. We're on a family plan, so I was able to get a new phone, too. I've gone from the 6 to the 6S, and it's a very pretty rose gold color. It has a ton more storage. My old phone was almost completely full, this one, even with all my apps and data transferred, is still almost empty! The price of the phones folds into the bill, and we only had to pay the taxes, which was about $45 for me, a little more for dad. Plus, I'm selling my old phone back to them for $300. It was a good deal all around, but I hope my father's learned a valuable lesson.

Other good news is that I'm all booked for a four day trip to New York. I'll be leaving Saturday, August 27, at 7am. Too early, but it was the only option at that price- $137 each way, including one checked bag. I'll come home Tuesday, August 30, on an 8:30pm flight. It means I won't make it home until after 11, but I get the extra day to spend with my sister and my niece Skylar, who is more and more beautiful every day.

And Tuesday I will be seeing the new Star Trek movie. So excited!

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That sounds like a pretty good price on the ticket. And good for you guys that you were able to replace the phone without losing money!

Yay for new phones! I bought a new phone this year as well. I still had my Iphone 4S. I bought an SE. It was less expensive.

Have fun in NY! Enjoy the time wish your sister and niece.

Looking forward to your post on Star Trek. :)

My iPhone 4 was the first smartphone I ever had. I loved it, but we traded them in for the 6. Now we have the 6s, and except for the storage, it doesn't seem much different.

I can't wait until Tuesday. I've heard really good things about the movie.

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