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Almost there!
In just over twelve hours, I'm boarding a plane to New York! I feel surprisingly nervous. Maybe it's because I'm traveling by myself. I did once before, when I was 16. Don't remember how nervous I was then, though.

I got my hair done. I chose a different stylist this time. The last one, Jimmy, made me look like an old time first lady. I was not impressed. This time I had Julio, who did a nice job on the cut. It's just the color that I'm not sure of- it's a really dark brown. I didn't expect it to be so dark.

I'm wavering on wether or not I should check a bag, or just bring a carry on. Looking at what I'm bringing, everything would fit in a carry on. But I think it might be easier for me to check the bag- this way, I don't have to schlep something all over the terminals. I'm not great with those bags on wheels, I always manage to twist them around.

I'm sure I'll feel calmer once I'm in New York. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister and baby Skylar.

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I'll get my sister to take some tomorrow.

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