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How my trip to NY turned into a huge problem, by me
Be warned, this is long and might involve curse words.

Actually, the trip itself was fine. Well, for the first two days. On day three, I pulled my back out. We were supposed to go to some farm/petting zoo. I was in the kitchen, took a step, and my back started spasming. I couldn't take a single step without pain. So everyone went without me, while I stayed in bed with Bengay and a heating pad. So much for day 3.

I felt better on day four, which was my last day. New York was still brutally hot, so we mostly stayed in the house. My flight home, which was scheduled for 8:12PM was a pushed to 9:30 or so. Fine, I got to the airport at 8 (traffic), and after a long wait in security, I made my way to the gate. The wrong gate. When I checked in someone should have told me the gate was switched. No one did. So I'm waiting and waiting at the wrong gate until I hear, finally, the final call for my flight. At a gate at the other end of the huge terminal. I start running, which for someone of my size is a nightmare in and of itself. Of course, I'm too late. The plane had just left. So I talk to someone at a desk and I'm rescheduled to a flight at 9 the next morning. I call my sister, she comes back to get me.

The only thing is, my sister has to go back to work on Wednesday. Before that she has to drop the baby at daycare. So she can't take me. My cousin would have, but he had foot surgery the day before and he can't drive. Since I'm staying with my sister who is now living at her friend's house, I thought maybe the friend or her 18 year old son would offer. They're both home all day. But no one says anything, and instead they find me a cab. Which will cost me $73 to get to the airport. No choice, I book the car for 6:30. (let me say, I understand they are under no obligation to take me to the airport. I'm my sister's guest, technically, not theirs. That being said, I would never let someone staying in my home spend $70 bucks on a cab ride if I was there to take them. No matter the time or circumstance. I've picked up my sister, or her friends, at 2 in the morning.)

So, I wake up at 5:45 the next morning, still in my shorts, shirt, underwear and bra from yesterday. ( As my suitcase made the flight, things like my hairbrush, toothbrush and deodorant are already at the Palm Beach airport. Thank God, I kept my insulin and syringes in my carry on to bring on the plane.) I pick up my phone and find an e-mail from JetBlue saying my flight has been cancelled. I immediately call the airline and found out they've rebooked me on a 1PM flight to Boston, where I will transfer to a plane to Palm Beach and land somewhere around 9PM. No way. I want to to go home. So they can put me on a plane to Fort Lauderdale, leaving at 11AM. I have to pay an extra 40 bucks to get an aisle seat, literally the last one left. (it was an extra legroom seat next to an exit door). I said fine, just get me on that plane. They do.

Anyhow, I changed the cab time to 8AM (not taking any chances), it picked me up and had me there by 8:20. I was terrified to check in using a kiosk (had a brutal time with one last year when I went to Texas), but it turned out to be really easy. Took 30 seconds. And the extra legroom seer gave me expedited security check, which was also smooth and easy. I had time to sit and have breakfast and relax before I went to the correct gate. I had to wait over an hour, but it was fine. The plane itself was different than I was used to. Much bigger than usual, with 32 rows of seats (I was in 22), more bathrooms, and the Directv was a touch screen. It seemed very modern. But the flight was nice, as were my seat mates, and I arrived in Fort Lauderdale on time.

My dad left work early and picked me up,a round 2:30. We went home, I changed my underwear and borrowed his deodorant, ate a quick lunch, and then we went to the Palm Beach Airport to pick up my suitcase. This was surprisingly easy. All we had to do was park, go into the arrival area and hit the baggage office. My suitcase was right there, and all I had to do was show my ID to claim it. We picked it up and went home, and I slept for a solid 7 hours last night, which I never do.

So I'm home, safe and alive, with all my stuff. And I'm never traveling again!

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OMG Andi, what a nightmare! D:

I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. I would be crying with all that hassle. How absolutely frustrating. I would have thrown a fit for the airlines and made them pay the extra 40 the extortionists!

Be sure to relax for a day or two to get over that nightmare. :(

Actually, the 40 bucks turned into 45. Some kind of fee.

I did relax most of today. Tomorrow it's back to work though.

Welcome home and holy cats, I don't think I'd ever agree to travel again either. As it is now, I'm already a homebody. Although I suspect seeing Skyler might motivate you to leave home at some point in the future.

Glad you're home safe though.

You're right, seeing Skylar will probably sending me back to NY. But my sister is planning a trip here in January, so it wouldn't be before April. I'll probably be less pissed off by then!

Oh, sweetie! What a nightmare. Glad you're safely back home.

Thanks, Maddie. So am I.

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