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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Hurricane Matthew update
Thank you to everyone who showed such concern for me. We were very lucky, here in Southern Palm Beach County. We had some wind and rain, but that was it. We never lost power; we never even lost the satellite TV. No damage at all in my neighborhood, there isn't even a single puddle lingering in my community. We really dodged a bullet here.

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I'm so glad you're okay! I was thinking about you all day! Thanks for letting us know.

You're welcome! I spent the entire day waiting for something awful to happen. It was such a relief when the day ended.

I was so worried, I made Mr. R watch the news for me! *HUGS* So thankful you're okay!! ♥

Thanks, Roxy. We were so blessed. The counties further north didn't fare so well, though.

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