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Cannot catch a break, seriously
My dad had his second cataract surgery yesterday. Everything went perfectly, for both eyes. The eye doctor is really impressed. So, of course, today Dad goes to the dermatologist and finds out that this sore on his forehead is most likely basal cell carcinoma. They took some scrapings today, and he'll go back in two weeks for the results. If it's cancerous, and the doctor thinks it probably is, they'll have to laser it off. They go deep, and then put stitches in to seal the wound.

My poor dad. He's handling this well. His oldest brother had this happen to him a couple of times, and so has their brother-in-law. Everyone's fine. I had a pre-cancerous mole on my back removed several years ago. They literally burned it off- to my horror, it smelled like barbecue.

My own health is doing somewhat better. My A1C, which determines blood sugar over a period of time has dropped from 7.2 to 6.1 That is amazing, unheard of, at least for me. My doctor had started me on this new injectible called Bydureon, which your take once a week. I took it about 5 times, and felt like absolutely nothing was happening. All it did was leave itchy lumps under my skin. After I stopped taking it, I started having random bouts of nausea, which is the primary side-effect, but which didn't happen when I was actually taking the medicine. Anyhow, my doctor left it up to me if I wanted to start taking it again. I probably will.

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Oh, sweetie! Your poor dad. *hugs* And yay! for lower A1C!

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