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Does anyone really want to read this?

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Long time!
Hi everyone. I realize it's been a long time since I visited LJ. Life is busy, unfortunately.

I'm well, though scared about Hurricane Irma. At the moment it's heading to the western part of Florida, while I live in the east, so maybe we'll catch a break. I'm expecting high winds and blackouts no matter what. Please keep all of us Floridians in your thoughts and prayers.

It's funny, my cousin lives in Houston, and he was perfectly fine throughout Hurricane Harvey. No winds, no flooding, never even lost power. I'm hoping he's sending his good luck our way.

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Thanks for posting! I hope life's not busy in a bad way. Keep us posted, please! ♥

Roxy! Big hugs to you! Life isn't bad, just busy. Though my dad is seeing crazy Ruth again. He brought her over here to wait out the hurricane. We'll see how that goes.

I'm so glad to hear from you! I didn't even realize how much I missed my LJ friends!

I was so glad to see you post, because you've been on my mind! I'm missing folks too.

But Ruth! Oh no, you poor thing! I'm glad, though, that your dad's okay and life's just normal busy!

Definitely keeping you in my thoughts and keep us updated! I check facebook more then LJ now. If you could update there as well?

Good to hear from you! Stay safe.

I've been worried about you! Stay safe! Missed you. aswanargent was just asking about you.

I've missed you too! Thank you so much for your concern. I'll post again when it's all over.

Thanks for posting! Hope you guys did indeed dodge the bullet called Irma, although it seems that the whole state got hammered in varying degrees. Right now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a cousin who lives in Port Charlotte.

We're okay. We didn't have power until this morning, but all good otherwise.

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